the fourth edition of WDCD Mexico GNP returns!

On 6 October 2023, we returned to Mexico City for a festival exploring the power of design and how it can transform our world.


Together, we delved into climate and equality-related issues with a special focus on the links between ancestral knowledge, heritage and design.


The event took place in and around the newly refurbished Julio Castillo Theater.



We believe that creativity has a profound role to play in addressing the complex challenges of our time. For solutions to work, however, they must be radical, intersectional, and inclusive.


This year in Mexico City, we’ll explore how designers can contribute towards decarbonisation, circularity, decolonisation, and gender and racial equity. Leading the conversation will be speakers Paola Antonelli, Eddie Opara, Afaina de Jong, Tipastype and Ralph Nauta.



Learning from Mexico’s rich tapesty of art and design, we seek to reveal how lessons from past generations can help guide our creative responses to crises.


Our heritage informs our personal identities and our collective relationships with nature. During the festival, we will cover how these tangible and intangible legacies continue to shape the creative industries and society as a whole. Speakers contributing to this theme include Gabriela Badillo, Rosa Hanhausen and Gerado Osio.

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