What Design Can Do Climate Urgency Design Jam

We all know that we are in a state of climate emergency. Through WDCD’s climate action program, we have witnessed creatives around the globe not only thinking about the climate emergency but also actively seeking to address it with a wide range of design solutions. This provides hope, but understandably, these topics can also be overwhelming.

WDCD invites you to join a workshop where we’ll explore climate urgency through a creative lens. We won’t ask you to solve global issues but rather to focus on local challenges. Utilizing a design thinking approach, you’ll analyze areas where design can significantly impact and ultimately engage in ideation and concept development. You’ll discover that, within a few hours, you can generate your own innovative design concept.

To inspire you, we will be joined online by creatives from various parts of the world. They will share how they perceive climate change within their own local contexts and the creative sparks it has ignited.

In January 2024, WDCD will launch its next global design competition on climate action: the Climate Urgency Challenge. This challenge calls on the creative community to submit bold, innovative solutions, placing a circular approach at the heart of creativity to combat the impacts of climate change.

This workshop is hosted by Studio de la O, WDCD’s research partner in Mexico.


De la O Design Studio


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