IKEA Foundation
IKEA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of INGKA Foundation, the owner of the Ingka Group of companies. Its mission is to create substantial and lasting change by funding holistic, long-term programmes that improve the lives of vulnerable children by enabling their families to create sustainable livelihoods, and to fight and cope with climate change.
GNP is the Mexican insurance company with the most experience and solidity in the country. They provide financial protection to our Insured taking care of their dreams, stories, emotions and experiences. Their mission is to satisfy the needs of protection, financial forecasting and health services of Mexican society.
European Union
The European Union is represented in Mexico by its Delegation, located in the capital of the country. Diplomatic relations between the European Union and Mexico date from 1960, but the EU Delegation was officially established in Mexico in 1989. The delegation is classified as a diplomatic mission and officially represents the EU in Mexico. This is one of the more than 140 offices that the European Union has established with countries and international organizations.
The Embassy of the United States of America in Mexico City supports WDCDMX GNP 2021.
Grupo Expansio
Throughout its history, Grupo Expansión has distinguished itself for its high journalistic quality and its ethics based on transparency, truth and respect for its audiences. With a portfolio of 15 magazines and 12 websites, Grupo Expansión has the leading brands in each segment. Business, Lifestyle, Fashion, Entertainment, Travel, B2B.
Founded in 2017, Orbita is a communication bureau located in Mexico City that specializes in press, public relations and digital strategy. It arises from the need to provide personal attention to projects focused on cultural, social, creative and innovative industries.
COOLHUNTERMX is a platform that inspires and amplifies creativity through valuable content. They are cultural, artistic, and talent promoters in different creative practices, seeking to professionalize the Mexican design and fashion industry. They belief design and creativity can change societies, cities, environments, mentalities and the direction of a country.
WorthPP is supporting WDCDMX GNP 2021
S4F is supporting WDCDMX GNP 2021
LCBA is supporting WDCDMX GNP 2021
Ibero is supporting WDCDMX GNP 2021
Heraldo Media Group
Heraldo Media Group is supporting WDCDMX GNP 2021
Fedrigoni Paper
Fedrigoni Paper is the heart of the production of quality papers for printing, publishing, labels, bookbinding, packaging and paper converting. Fedrigoni makes over 2500 products, using a wealth of experience and knowledge in a unique style. At Fedrigoni, sustainability has a long history, and attention to low environmental impact processes is a long-standing part of their way of working. They invest in innovation and technology so the range of products increasingly meets ESG criteria.
WWF Plastic Smart Cities
What Design Can Do and WWF Plastic Smart Cities work together to support entrepreneurship to achieve No Plastic in Nature in 2030.
Zwaan Lenoir
Zwaanlenoir is a renowned studio and printing office for quality print work and therefore a favourite printer of many designers in the Netherlands. To achieve the highest quality in offset productions Zwaan Lenoir uses high standards in colour management, lithography and prepress.
STBY ('Standby') is a design research consultancy based in London and Amsterdam. STBY's creative research projects connect organisations with the lives and experiences of their customers to bring real people into the heart of service innovation processes. STBY is the initiator and co-founder of the REACH network for global design research and is the design research partner of What Design Can Do since 2015.
De Balie

De Balie is a platform and center for the freedom of speech, contemporary art, politics, culture, cinema and media, situated near the Leidseplein in the heart of Amsterdam. Their programs consistently bear the mark of a sharp and deeply analytical character. Through talkshows, cinema, art, debates and theatre, De Balie mixes several points of view in a wayward and creative fashion.

Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam is the most important theatre of the Netherlands with two auditoria and a lively bar-restaurant. The programme is very diverse with theatre, dance and opera-productions both Dutch and international. In-house company Toneelgroep Amsterdam plays both auditoria with new and successful repertory. In july the end of the season is celebrated with the international modern dancefestival Julidans.
Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts believes artists, creativity and experimentation are inextricably linked to Amsterdam. The AFK supports projects and programmes that increase interest in art and culture, appeal to a wide audience and maintain the multiformity of the array of art available in the city.
The Association of Dutch Designers (BNO)
The Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) is the professional association for designers and design agencies in the Netherlands. The association unites more than 2,500 individual designers and 150 design agencies and corporate design departments. The BNO is committed to advancing the economic, social and cultural interests of its members and to promoting their work and the profession both domestically and internationally.
De Designpolitie
De Designpolitie (The Design Police) is a graphic design agency based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, founded in 1995 by Richard van der Laken and Pepijn Zurburg. The agency produces communication and identity design for clients in the non-profit and commercial sectors with an emphasis on cultural and social organizations. Vander Laken and Zurburg also are the initiators of Gorilla, a visual column on current affairs, published in De Groene Amsterdammer, and founding fathers of What Design Can Do
Pictoright is the author’s rights organisation for visual creators in the Netherlands: illustrators, artists, graphic designers, photographers and other professional image creators. Pictoright distributes collective royalties, manages copyrights for artists, provides legal assistance, offers advice and strives for a better copyright position for image creators.

The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa (CFIA) is an academic research centre focused on frugal innovation. Technological and research projects are used to investigate the development of scientifically sound frameworks leading to more a effective use of frugal innovations and technologies. In addition, through teaching and consulting, knowledge on frugal innovation is exchanged.

CFIA investigates how frugal innovations and technologies contributes to poverty reduction, inclusive development and sustainable outcomes. In this way, they focus on addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Communication and Multimedia Design Amsterdam
Hello! We are Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) in Amsterdam. We are part of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). We are a human-centred and context-sensitive bachelor-level design education in the field of interactive digital products and services. Our aim is to help our students both design and realize digital interactive solutions to real-world problems, optimized to the needs of users and other stakeholders. We focus on interaction design, visual design and technique (particularly front-end development). However, these activities occur in a context that shapes what is possible, acceptable and optimal.