IKEA Foundation
IKEA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of INGKA Foundation, the owner of the Ingka Group of companies. Its mission is to create substantial and lasting change by funding holistic, long-term programmes that improve the lives of vulnerable children by enabling their families to create sustainable livelihoods, and to fight and cope with climate change.
Design couple Marianne van Sasse van Ysselt and René van Geer have worked for many industrial clients over the past decades. Since 2009 they have been focusing 100% on their own brand: Secrid pocketwear, driven by their dream to be able to create products entirely according to their own values and insights. And without making concessions to customers or shareholders. Secrid consciously opts for production in the Netherlands, with a focus on people and the environment. For more information, please visit www.secrid.com.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the channel through which the Dutch Government communicates with foreign governments and international organisations. It coordinates and carries out Dutch foreign policy.
CLICKNL - for creative professionals and enterprising researchers The creative industry is a driver of innovation. It delivers human-oriented solutions for societal challenges. To be able to continue to deliver that impact, CLICKNL, Top Consortium of the top sector Creative Industries, wants to enhance the creative professional's knowledge base. In doing so, we strengthen the sector and the innovative capacity of the Netherlands.
Creative Industries Fund NL
Creative Industries Fund is a government funded organisation that issues project grants in order to foster substantive quality in architecture, urban design, landscape design, product design, graphic design, fashion and E-culture. Fostering innovation and cross-sector approaches and professionalizing entrepreneurship.
Dutch Postcode Lottery
The ‘Nationale Postcode Loterij’ (Dutch Postcode Lottery) was founded in 1989 to support charities that work towards a fair, healthy and green world. The lottery raises funds for its charities and communicates about their work. 
Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts believes artists, creativity and experimentation are inextricably linked to Amsterdam. The AFK supports projects and programmes that increase interest in art and culture, appeal to a wide audience and maintain the multiformity of the array of art available in the city.
WWF Plastic Smart Cities
What Design Can Do and WWF Plastic Smart Cities work together to support entrepreneurship to achieve No Plastic in Nature in 2030.
STBY ('Standby') is a design research consultancy based in London and Amsterdam. STBY's creative research projects connect organisations with the lives and experiences of their customers to bring real people into the heart of service innovation processes. STBY is the initiator and co-founder of the REACH network for global design research and is the design research partner of What Design Can Do since 2015.
Shibaura House
Shibaura House is the organisation partner of What Design Can Do Tokyo. This unique hub for arts and culture aims to provide a platform for creative projects that are rooted in the local community. This includes events ranging from workshops for local residents to programmes with invited guest creators from abroad. Besides connecting people and championing creativity, Shibaura House also supports various projects engaging with social and environmental issues. Learn more at shibaurahouse.jp.
Kenya Climate Innovation Center
Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) is the funding partner of What Design Can Do Nairobi. KCIC offers incubation, capacity building and financing options to new, small and medium business ventures and Kenyan entrepreneurs that are developing innovations to address the challenges of climate change. We provide holistic and country-driven support to accelerate the development, deployment and transfer of locally relevant climate technologies. Learn more at https://www.kenyacic.org.
Quicksand is the research partner of What Design Can Do Delhi. Positioned as a hybrid between design studio and business consultancy, Quicksand facilitates the creation of meaningful experiences through design research and innovation. Their practice builds on inspiration and insights from the ‘experiential reality’ of people, whether they be users, stakeholders or clients. Quicksand also has access to a broad and multidisciplinary network of professionals through their annual international festival UnBox. Learn more at quicksand.co.in.
Mandacaru is the organisation partner of What Design Can Do Brasil. As a production and communication studio with more than a decade of experience in cultural and events management, Mandacaru maintains an extensive network of collaborators both locally and internationally. Since 2015, Mandacaru has been the Brazilian partner of What Design Can Do, producing 3 successful conferences in São Paulo and several design challenges and workshops. Learn more at www.mandacarudesign.com.br.
Fedrigoni Paper
Fedrigoni Paper is the heart of the production of quality papers for printing, publishing, labels, bookbinding, packaging and paper converting. Fedrigoni makes over 2500 products, using a wealth of experience and knowledge in a unique style. At Fedrigoni, sustainability has a long history, and attention to low environmental impact processes is a long-standing part of their way of working. They invest in innovation and technology so the range of products increasingly meets ESG criteria.
Zwaan Lenoir
Zwaan Lenoir is a renowned studio and printing office for quality print work and therefore a favourite printer of many designers in the Netherlands. To achieve the highest quality in offset productions Zwaan Lenoir uses high standards in colour management, lithography and prepress.