An urgent call for creative climate solutions


The Redesign Everything Challenge is now open for submissions! With this global design competition, we are seeking creative solutions to address the climate crisis and kickstart the transition to a fair and circular future. From now until 13 March 2024, we invite you to submit ideas to radically redesign the world we live in — our products, materials, stories, systems, services and spaces — through a circular and regenerative lens. Can your innovation drive this change?



Today, signs of the climate breakdown are everywhere. Our planet has just endured the hottest year ever recorded, and millions are already experiencing its disastrous effects firsthand. But experts say we still have time to act — about 8 years — in which we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the worst scenarios. This gives us one last opportunity to redesign ‘business as usual’ and reimagine a completely different world. Now, more than ever, there is an urgent need for adaptive, circular and regenerative solutions; and for the transformative, disruptive, and healing power of design.


Need help getting started? With the help of partners from Brazil, India, Japan, Kenya, Mexico and the Netherlands, we’ve put together an extended design brief including research around the greatest climate challenges and opportunities facing communities around the world. To dive deeper into this content and find out how you can apply, visit the Redesign Everything Challenge platform.


Up for the Challenge?


OPEN CALL: What are we looking for?


We are looking for creative solutions that pave the way for a fair and circular future. This includes new ideas and existing enterprises that address issues like waste and biodiversity loss, as well as conceptual proposals for how we might transform our key industries: from food, fashion and packaging, to consumer goods and construction. At the end of the open call, a minimum of 10 winning teams will be selected according to four key criteria: impact, design and creativity, feasibility and scalability, and teamwork.





Next to €5.000 in project funding, winning teams will gain access to an accelerator programme offered by What Design Can Do which will kick-off with a week-long bootcamp in Amsterdam. Here they will receive the expert mentorship, training and tools they need to scale their ideas and expand their impact on the world. All winning teams will also gain valuable press and publicity and get the chance to present their projects during a WDCD Live event in Mexico or Amsterdam. Finally, they’ll join a growing community of WDCD Challenge winners, which includes 50+ impact start-ups from around the world.


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