Launched in partnership with the IKEA Foundation, the Make it Circular Challenge calls on designers, creative entrepreneurs and startups from around the world to envision and build a circular society.


You’re invited to submit imaginative ideas that prevent waste and radically rethink our way of life: from what we eat and wear, to why we buy and how we build. Apply for free online by 11 January 2023 at the Challenge platform.



Most economies today are based on a linear model, where value is created by producing and selling as many products as possible. The problem is, it operates on the assumption that infinite growth is possible on a finite planet. Today, we are seeing just how wrong this assumption was, as we face an accelerating climate crisis.


Yet when looking ahead at the route to a circular society, many people only see obstacles that they would rather not or cannot take on. One of the most important challenges is to convince them that we can create a new world which makes our lives not less but even more fulfilling.


The ability to imagine is the creative community’s ideal domain: seeing what does not yet exist, taking on a challenge, forging ahead with optimism. We have an opportunity to shape a radically different future: one that’s restorative and regenerative by design. A circular society takes the circular economy one step further and considers the social and ethical dimensions of how people live their lives, from sun-up to sun-down. That’s why the Make it Circular Challenge asks designers to deliver new materials or technologies — and create new possibilities.

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