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FROM THE BLOG: Design in times of CoronA


Estudio Guto Requena turns heartbeats into digital art

Heartbits is a new app to share love with those you miss


Marcus Lyall invites you to Scream the House Down

A socially distanced art installation to ease your frustrations


How digital arts can solve the problem of socially distanced place-making

Exploring the role that digital arts can play for organisations based on live and tangible experiences

What design can do In times of corona

In these trying times we believe more than ever in the power of design and creativity. There is infinite creative potential out there and people are creative by nature. When the shit hits the fan, we adapt and respond with newfound inventiveness. This is why we have decided to dedicate our platform to all that design can do in times of corona.

Please join us and share your ideas:


‘Designers of the People’ help small businesses to readjust

Creatives from 18 countries dedicate part of their time to voluntarily help local businesses


Shelterbags for South Africa’s homeless

New project to help people surviving COVID-19 on the streets


A Hand Signal for Help

Online campaign to support those experiencing violence in isolation


Can art help us navigate an infodemic?

Olafur Eliasson and Kumi Naidoo on designing trust in the media