This breakout session explores new timber design and architecture possibilities. Experts in the field, including visionary Swiss architect Jachen Schleich, renowned Mexican architect Laurent Herbiet, activist Gerardo Sánchez from Red Mocaf, Karina Flores from the Timber League of Mexico, Carlos Martínez Velázquez director of Infonavit, the Mexican Council for Housing, will come together for an engaging debate from different points of view around timber construction, benefits and challenges in the coming years. Alicia Silva, director of SUME, the Green Building Council of México, will guide this conversation. Presented by Ford Foundation


  • Jachen Schleich (Architect)
  • Laurent Herbiet (Architect)
  • Karina Flores (Liga de la madera)
  • Gustavo Sánchez (Red Mocaf)
  • Luis Alfonso Argüelles (FSC)
  • Samuel Valenzuela (Infonavit)


Alicia Silva, directora de SUME, el Green Building Council de México


  • Ford Foundation
  • La Liga de la Madera de Mexico