Gabriela Badillo is a graphic designer from Mexico City. In 2013 she created ¡Hola! Combo, a creative studio with special interest in educational, social and cultural affairs. Firmly believing in the power of art and animation as vehicles for change, she has given life to projects such as ‘68 voces 68 corazones’, a collaborative project that promotes pride and respect for the native communities, pride in their identity, as well as the use of the 68 native languages of Mexico.

In 2019 her work was selected by the IMCINE national short film competition, resulting in the creation of ‘Fonos’, an animated short film that addresses the theme of grief and death, winner at the Amarcort Festival in Italy.

In 2021 she participated in TedX with the talk ‘Design with a social sense’ and in 2023 she created ‘Somos Pajarito’, an animated documentary made in collaboration with Doctors Without Borders to amplify the voice of migrant children, as well as to raise awareness about their situation and rights.

With more than 18 years of experience, her work has been exhibited in several countries and has been recognized in different festivals such as Smithsonian’s Recovering Voices, the Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Chilemonos, Tribeca Film Festival, the Morelia International Film Festival, as well as the Annecy International Animation Festival, with her series ‘68 voces-68 corazones’ receiving the first Mexican nomination in the animated series category.