Join us for a transformative session that delves into the crucial realm of decolonizing design, focusing on a gender perspective. This conversation is not just a dialogue; it’s a journey towards understanding the need to reconnect with communities, honor indigenous practices, and embrace innovative approaches to reconfigure our systems. Embracing Heritage, Shaping Futures: in this engaging breakout session, we will explore the pivotal role of design in transitioning toward a circular economy deeply rooted in community and heritage. Our panel of experts will shed light on insights in these fields – key points: – Uncover the power of gender-aware design principles. – Discover the rich tapestry of indigenous knowledge and its contribution to modern design. – Explore the evolving landscape of circular economies within architecture, product design, animation, and post-industrial design. – Gain fresh perspectives on preserving and celebrating cultural heritage within the design process.


  • Andrea Bandoni
  • Gerardo Osio
  • Afaina De Jong
  • Gabriela Badillo
  • Claudia Garduño

ModeraTED BY:

Luis Equihua

Presented by:

  • UNAM
  • TEC