• *This programme is subject to change; please refer back to this page for the latest updates.

  • Welcome

    with live music by King Edi K


    King Edi K opens the event with his trademark optimistic jazzy afrobeat sound, followed by welcoming remarks by WDCD Co-founder Richard van der Laken.

  • Talks

    social justice and gender


    The initial segment of the presentations will center around issues of gender and social justice, featuring prominent speakers such as Paola Antonelli, Martina from Alterist, Afaina de Jong, Tipas Type, and Adebayo Oke-Lawal.

    A brief Q &A will follow each talk, and a coffee break will commence before we shift our attention to the topics of climate change and heritage.

  • Paola Antonelli


    Paola Antonelli is Senior Curator at the Department of Architecture and Design at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Her podcast Design Emergency, addresses how urgent social, environmental, and technological issues are being tackled by designers today.

    This talk with be held in English.


  • Alterist

    platform founder - Make it circular challenge winner

    Martina Sorghi co-founded Alterist, an online marketplace for upcycled products, fueled by a community of designers who add value to existing garments and materials. Alterist was selected as one of the thirteen winners of the Make It Circular Challenge.

    This talk will be held in English.


  • Afaina de Jong


    Afaina de Jong is an architect and founder of AFARAI, an Amsterdam-based studio specializing in spatial design Her discourse is international and intersectional, connecting counterculture with architecture.

    This talk will be held in English.


  • TipasType

    type designers

    Founded in 2016 by Dafne Martínez and Sandra García , TipasType is the first solely women-owned type foundry in Latin America. As part of their goals to educate the community, they have published a book, Elementype, A Practical Guide to Typographic Use.

    This talk will be held in Spanish.


  • Adebayo Oke-Lawal

    fashion designer

    Adebayo Oke-Lawal believes that fashion can and should save lives. Through Orange Culture, he fearlessly explores unconventional fabrications and experiments with them across genders, championing the belief that clothing should be fluid and accessible to all.

    This talk will be held in English.


  • Coffee break


    Enjoy a coffee break accompanied by tunes from DJ Sirena.

  • talks

    ancestral knowledge and heritage


    The latter talks will be led by Refugio, Gabriela Badillo, Aura Murillo from Resting Reef, Rosa Hanhausen, Andrea Bandoni, and Gerardo Osio.

    At the end of the block there will be a panel discussion with Paola Antonelli, Taina Campos, Jose De la O, and the aforementioned speakers.

  • Refugio

    industrial designer - make it circular challenge winner

    Gabriel Calvillo is a co-founder of Refugio, where he works around the use of design as a tool for the conservation of native pollinators. Refugio was selected as one of thirteen winners of the Make it Circular Challenge.

    This talk will be held in Spanish.


  • Gabriela Baldillo

    graphic designer

    Gabriela Badillo is a graphic designer from Mexico City and founder of the creative studio ¡Hola! Combo. Firmly believing in the power of art and animation as vehicles for change, she has given life to projects such as ‘68 voces 68 corazones’, promoting pride and respect for native communities and the use of the 68 native languages of Mexico.

    This talk will be held in Spanish.


  • Aura Murillo

    experience designer - make it circular challenge nominee

    Aura Murillo is a Mexican experience designer and curator. Her startup Resting Reef makes a future for the deceased’s cremated remains by transforming them into reefs that regenerate marine biodiversity. As a design project, it aims to rethink how we process grief and commemorate those who have passed. Resting Reef was chosen as one of fifty nominated projects for the Make it Circular Challenge.

    This talk will be held in Spanish.


  • Rosa Hanhausen

    architect, academic

    Rosa Hanhausen is an architect, academic, and curator. Her exhibition ‘Replicating Resistance: Landscape Revolutions’ is based on research she conducted on the influence of maize on urbanization in the Central Highlands of Mexico.

    This talk will be held in Spanish.


  • Andrea Bandoni

    conceptual designer

    Andrea Bandoni believes that design must stimulate a critical view and help unveil responsible options to our world. Her design methods are based on transdisciplinary research and hands-on experimentation, with built-in dialogue from different perspectives.

    This talk will be held in English.


  • Gerardo Osio

    design researcher

    Gerardo Sandoval Osio is a co-founder of Tierra de Saberes, a project that investigates, documents, and disseminates traditional knowledge rooted in the northeastern territory. He is a promoter of the Ayuguara Project, which investigates the relationships between the city of Monterrey, Mexico and the mountains surrounding it.

    This talk will be held in Spanish.


  • Breakout sessions


    The breakout sessions exist out of multiple options:

    Pitch Podium: The circular future


    Pitch sessions where design-driven circular startups present their businesses and are connected to potential investors and partners.

    URGENT CONVERSATIONS: To build or not to build… with timber

    Villaurrutia Theatre

    Informative interactive panel sessions around societal issues and design solutions with a panel of inspiring experts and participating audience.

    Design Jam

    Rehearsal Room

    Collaborative labs in which stakeholders (problem owners, decision makers, experts and creatives) work together on shared problems around topics like: agri-food, consumer products, built environment, etc.

    WORKSHOP – Design and activisim


    Climate action needs powerful visuals. In this workshop, we’re getting hands-on with designing activism. You are invited by the designers from Tipas Type (MX), De Designpolitie (NL) and What Design Can Do to join this creative session.



    In this engaging breakout session, we will explore the pivotal role of design in transitioning toward a circular economy deeply rooted in community and heritage. Our panel of experts will shed light on insights in these fields.

  • Lunch break

  • Talks

    Design emergency


    The evening program will evolve around the topic of design emergency with talks from Ralph Nauta of Studio Drift, Taller Capital, Marisol Centeno, and Eddie Opara.


    After the talks and their respective Q&A sessions, there will be a closing statement by Paola Antonelli and the panel.

  • Studio Drift


    Ralph Nauta is the Co-Founder and Artist of DRIFT.  With a multidisciplinary team of 65, they work on world-renowned experiential sculptures, installations and performances.

    This talk will be held in English.


  • Taller Capital

    Architects - make it circular challenge winner

    Taller Capital is a Mexican architecture studio founded by Loreta Castro Reguera and José Pablo Ambrosi. Their urban renewal project Guiding the Runoff transformed a debris-filled ravine in Tijuana into a vibrant public space. Guiding the Runoff was selected as one of the thirteen winners of the Make It Circular Challenge.

    This talk will be held in Spanish.


  • Marisol Centeno

    textile designer

    Marisol Centeno is the founder of Bi Yuu, a textile atelier focused on experimentation and social design. The vision of Bi Yuu is a brand where work is conceived through collaborative processes, where it embraces the multiculturalism of Mexico, and questions the role of design in the culture of her country.

    This talk will be held in Spanish.


  • Eddie Opara

    graphic designer

    Eddie Opara was a senior designer-art director at 2×4 before establishing his studio, The Map Office. He joined Pentagram’s New York office as a partner in 2010. His work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

    This talk will be held in English.


  • Live music

    by King Edi K


    To close off the stage programme, we welcome King Edi K back to the stage with a vibrant live music performance bursting with improvised melodies and funky beats.

  • Closing drinks


    After the end of the stage programme, join us for music and drinks in the outdoor plaza!