Let’s collectively disrupt the climate change timeline, stretching the landscapes in which we design for climate change beyond the 2030 and 2050 target years! With the help of a little bit of time travel, this speculative thinking workshop will create a space where participants can play with time to unleash their collective imagination and creativity. This workshop is geared at engaging the younger generation (under 35) in speculating on their futures, but anyone of any age is welcome to join.

In this workshop, participants will co-create visions for the future that accept the realities of climate change but create possible scenarios that we may just get excited about living in! These future scenarios will form the basis of a manifesto that will pose a question to the present and create potential pathways to the future. 

The workshop will also feature mini inspiration sessions from some of the keynote speakers to keep the creative juices flowing along with a few other surprises. To be announced experts will be in attendance to coach and mentor participants throughout their creation processes. 

Ultimately, this workshop will present participants with collaboration opportunities for the Next-Gen Europe project, which aims to encourage young designers to create, adopt and disseminate green and sustainable designs. By brainstorming challenges for future projects, the workshop and manifesto will inspire wider groups of people to restore, renew and revive our perspectives on our climate futures. Together we will deliver a powerful message expressing that collectively, we do have the agency to shape brighter futures. 


Developed with STBY

Facilitators: Sophie Tendai Christiaens & Katy Barnard

Speakers: T.b.a.

This workshop is part of the NEXT GEN design programme funded by EU

Registration for breakout sessions opens soon.

This breakout session is part of WDCD Live Amsterdam 2024. Join hundreds of creatives on 5 July, tickets are now available.