As societies and organisations, we face increasingly complex challenges. Often it takes communities coming together to solve them, or to build enough momentum to create lasting impact. In this session, creative strategists from the award-winning studio Momkai will show you how to achieve more as a designer by adopting the power of communities. It’s a philosophy they call memberful design: the process of designing for belonging and creating pathways for participation. By shifting your focus from individual users to groups, we’ll explore how to build meaningful relationships with your most valuable audiences. Together, we’ll define what shared success means for your community and how it can move people towards action.

The ideas behind memberful design were developed in partnership with researchers at New York University and stem from Momkai’s ground-breaking work on De Correspondent. They also shape the studio’s more recent projects, including The School for Moral Ambition and the Memberful Design podcast, which explores how firestarters create initiatives that last.


Developed by: Momkai
Faciliators: Lotte Bloem and Alex van Straaten

TAGS: Community