The rise of artificial intelligence has had an enormous impact on the creative industries. Designers, curious by nature, are not afraid to experiment with the many new tools at their disposal. AI possesses an almost magical quality; it can clear new pathways for learning, enhance project efficiency and even generate visuals, words, and videos that inspire. On the flipside, many are concerned about the impact AI might have on the job market, the data it’s using, and the biases it reproduces.

Questions arise: Should designers fear their work being assimilated into AI databases? Who ‘owns’ an AI-created image? And what can creative professionals do to prepare for the future? During this breakout session, we’ll open this urgent conversation with several experts from the field of design and emerging technologies and share insights on how to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape.

This breakout is made possible by Pictoright.


Developed by:  Rosa Kieft
Facilitator: t.b.c.
Speakers: t.b.c.

TAGS: From Ancient Knowledge to A.I., Designing for Climate Justice