In this session, we’ll explore the power of storytelling and creativity in shaping the climate justice movement. Led by Dymphie Braun and Safi Graauw, we’ll delve into the evolving role of design in social and environmental activism. We’ll also hear from prominent change-makers on how to communicate complex ideas effectively by crafting narratives that are accessible and impactful — driving forward the cause of justice and solidarity.

At a time when individuals are grappling with feelings of apathy and divergent perspectives, the need to cultivate understanding and collaboration within the climate movement is paramount. We must ensure that crucial information reaches and resonates with diverse audiences, fostering greater unity and effectiveness in our collective efforts toward climate justice. Together, we’ll explore how creatives, activists, policymakers, and scientists can collaborate to overcome these barriers, envisioning a more just, diverse, and compelling future for environmentalism.


Developed & facilitated by: Dymphie Braun & Safi Graauw

Speakers: t.b.c.

TAGS: Designing for Climate Justice