Natsai Audrey Chieza is a visionary designer, thought-leader and founder of Faber Futures. The London-based agency focuses on merging living systems design with pertinent global solutions through partnerships across biotechnology, consumer industries and creative institutions. Notable clients and commissioners include Ginkgo Bioworks, Adidas, World Economic Forum, La Biennale, Design Museum and Cooper Hewitt. Faber Futures also stands out for its in-house research and development in microbial textile dyeing to unlock regenerative value chains for the bioeconomy.

As a member of the Forum’s Global Futures Council on Synthetic Biology and a sought-after

speaker at platforms including TED, Chieza advocates the integration of design, biotechnology and culture in policy development. Recognised by awards like the 2019 INDEX award and through wide-ranging media outlets, Natsai is driving momentum at the forefront of biophilic design.