Zanele Muholi, and Pierre-Christophe Gam, two of the artists that appear in our book ‘What Africa Can Do for Europe’, are currently in Amsterdam for the photography fair Unseen. Together with several other African photographers they will make studio portraits of visitors, referring to a long-standing tradition within African photographic history.

Muholi and Gam are joined by Delphine Diallo, Atong Atem, Lebohang Kganye, Laila Hida and Louis Philippe de Gagoue. They are among the African artists who are exploring new approaches to portraiture; incorporating their heritage yet looking at novel ways to photograph their subjects. For Face to Face: African Portraiture are invited to create diverse pop-up studios to document visitors of Unseen. The photographs will be printed onsite for you to take directly home!

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Image credits: (left) Big Couple Green & Blue, 2015 © Pierre-Christophe Gam(right) Ene1 © Delphine Diallo

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