In the context of climate change, the COVID-19 crisis could open doors for ideas, products, services and systems once deemed too radical. This is the reason why it is important to address the issue of how we consume and the effects of our consumption habits when talking about waste, in which we will invite European and Mexican creatives and experts to inspire audiences and activate people to come up with innovative, feasible, scalable creative solutions to tackle the most pressing waste issues we are facing.


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Ricardo Muttio Limas

Creative startup Radial Biomaterials have harnessed the natural growth of fungi to develop circular materials that…

Malcolm Pruys

Malcolm Pruys has 24 years of experience in retail. A figure that understands the global environment…

Femke van Gemert

After a long career in fashion as a designer and trendforecaster Femke van Gemert felt a…


Lidewij Edelkoort is one of the world’s most famous trend forecasters. “After this pandemic, we will…


This is where the magic happens! After stepping off the main stage, most of our keynote speakers will be hosting interactive breakout sessions and intimate roundtable sessions, for you to translate learnings into action and cross-pollinate ideas.


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What does it mean to design circular? We will work interdisciplinary with creatives, knowledge experts and other guests to activate a circular design mindset.

A Circular Fashion Manifesto

This session will aim to come up with ideas and practical commitments that will generate the initial steps of a Circular Fashion Manifesto.


Meet the creative entrepreneurs behind the proposals that impressed the Mexico Jury of the No Waste Challenge the most. Learn more about their proposals, what drives them, what challenges they are facing and what they need to move ahead.

Future We

A guided conversation about the future of our cities and the human relations within them, by analyzing and talking about topics such as: multiculturalism, diversity, public space, technology, urbanism, fiction and more.