This breakout session is organised in collaboration with Worth Partnership project and the EU Circular Fashion Initiative, and is powered by the Delegation of the European Union to Mexico.

A circular fashion manifesto

Of over 100 billion worldwide yearly produced pieces less than 1% are recycled into new and of origin quality materials. For the past few decades, the fashion industry has followed a linear way of production and consumption, with little regard for the environmental consequences it imposes through using and discarding resources without focusing on quality preserving solutions for discarded materials. This is a tremendous loss of value, both ecologically and economically, estimated to more than 500 billion USD every year due to underutilisation of clothing and lack of recycling. 

A transition towards circular practices requires us to rethink and redesign every part of a garment’s life: from increasing the use of less impactful fibres and materials, exploring innovative design and business strategies, building infrastructure for closed loop recycling to creating platforms for collaboration, innovation and knowledge exchange. Ensuring that the fashion industry takes on circular economy practices cannot only rely on changing policies and regulations. It has to go — as soon as possible — from words to actions. In this effort, designers and innovators can be powerful weapons and collaborators. Together, we can generate ideas for more congruent practices in the fashion industry, calling on decision makers who have not defined their positions to join the ranks. This session will aim to come up with ideas and practical commitments that will generate the initial steps of a Circular Fashion Manifesto.


To share knowledge, share ideas, inspire each other, build international and interdisciplinary connections


Camilla Carrara (MX), Founder of Zerobarracento  – online
Gabriella Manyi (HU), Steering Board member and WORTH ambassador in Hungary, President of the National Fashion League Hungary Association (NDL) and organiser of the Global Fashion Sustain Week
Olesea Fortuna (MLD) – S4F Speaker EU –  Senior Expert at ZIPHouse of TUM, President of GEN Moldova (Moldova) – online
Nichon Glerum (NL), Founder of Clothing Loop & winner of What Design Can Do’s No Waste Challenge (online participation)


Carmen Artigas (MX), Sustainable & circular fashion designer and consultant 


Main stage


Panel discussion


Streamed online


English with live translation to Spanish