We are in the middle of an ecological crisis due to overproduction and our disposable lifestyle and consumer society. In the Rethinking the Future of Plastics breakout session we will ask designers, business executives and public sector officials how we can create better use of plastics.

Plastics are everywhere. That is why we, as a society, should transition towards a circular economy and a modernization of our industry. We should have a new vision for plastics, where reuse and recycling activities can be truly integrated into production chains delivering greater added value and prosperity. New materials, new business models, new jobs. 

What issues are blocking a plastic waste-free future? How can design/creativity play a role in tackling these issues?

This programme is powered by the Delegation of the European Union to Mexico.


Share knowledge, exchange ideas, inspire each other, build international and interdisciplinary connections.


Mattia Bernini (IT) Precious Plastic (THE NETHERLANDS)

Daniel Díaz Tazzer Herrerías (MX) – Environmental engineer and cofounder of RADIAL – Winner of What Design Can Do’s No Waste Challenge
[more to be announced soon]


José María Fernández Director of Circular Economy at Ihobe (SPAIN)


Breakout room


Panel session – interactive dialogue, where speakers and audience share knowledge and ideas on a plastic free future.


In-person only