This breakout session is organised in collaboration with Ibero.

Data visualisation and its power to bring large amounts of data to our minds, without the mediation of language, will be central to the new reality. Let’s question the technical, non-human approach to data and the design ways to connect numbers with knowledge, behaviour and people. How about transforming that information into human, innovative and memorable visualisations? How about we do it the Mexican way? 

Data is to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th century, the great enabler of technologies, products and business. We live among information we can’t understand, those who can read the data will have the opportunity to turn it into actions, and those who can translate it – the designers – will be able to articulate influence. The ways we relate to data are evolving rapidly. Our minds and bodies are adapting to this new hybrid reality of physical and digital structures. However, the data is often difficult to read and even more difficult to understand. Data leaves us with no way out, with an overwhelming feeling of helplessness, but with the approach designed by Giorgia Lupi, it is possible to build bridges to hope.


To share knowledge, share ideas, inspire each other, build international and interdisciplinary connections


Giorgia Lupi – information designer and a Partner at Pentagram

Mariam Bujalil – Universidad Iberoamericana Design Department


Breakout room




In-person only