This breakout session is organised in collaboration with The Dutch Embassy in Mexico, CIDI UNAM and Impacthub Mexico


In recent years, Mexico City has made renewed efforts to tackle its vast waste problem. But creating change of behaviours and mindsets of citizens, government and businesses still have a long way to go. That is why last year What Design Can Do launched The No Waste Challenge, a global design challenge on waste and circularity. In Mexico City, we called on designers and creatives to apply with their best ideas and design proposals tackling waste in Mexico. The result was a whopping 205 submissions with creative, innovative and impactful ideas addressing the many different waste issues in Mexico City. In this session you will meet the creative entrepreneurs behind the proposals that impressed the Mexico Jury the most. Learn more about their proposals, what drives them, what challenges they are facing and what they need to move ahead. In a fast-paced programme you will be introduced to the Mexico nominations and learn about the variety of projects that are happening in and around the city. 

Sustrato, Andrea de la Peña, winner of No Waste Challenge México 2021


Meet the 10 nominees of the No Waste Challenge Mexico, get introduced to new solutions for waste issues in Mexico, ask questions, start conversations and make new connections


Juan Octavio Ferreyra (MX), Founder of Plasticar

Eleazar Guevara (MX), Co-Founder of Nucycles

Mauricio Enriquez (MX), Founder of Ecolam

Miguel Angel Avila Macias (MX), Founder of Poopis 

Ricardo Cuenca Sánchez (MX), Founder of Bloqueplas

Alejandro Hernandez Camas (MX), Founder of Ecocyc

Jan Heinvirta (MX), Founder of Perfekto

Ricardo Muttio Limas (MX), Founder of Radial and winner No Waste Challenge Mexico 2021

Gerardo Montes de Oca Sierra (MX), Founder of Hagamos Composta and winner No Waste Challenge Mexico 2021

Andrea de la Peña (MX), Founder of Sustrato and winner No Waste Challenge Mexico 2021


Diego Alatorre Guzmán, Professor Industrial Design at UNAM and chair of the selection committee of the No Waste Challenge Mexico. 


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