Designers have a big role to play in the transition to a fair and circular economy. Design has the power to raise awareness, change how things are made and what they are made of and design also has a role to play in shifting narratives. Many designers and creatives have already taken an active role in making sure they design for both the planet and the people. Now more than ever we must create new ways of sustainable living. What Design Can Do is about to start the development of a new global circular design challenge to be launched in 2022. In order to create the design brief for this next challenge we need to understand the state of circular design in both Mexico and the world. What does it mean to design circular? We need to understand what problems are most pressing, what there is to learn and where the opportunities are for designers to interfere. During this active workshop, led by de la O design studio, we will share knowledge, insights and we will work interdisciplinary with both creatives and knowledge experts to activate a circular design mindset.


Knowledge sharing, design research, work interdisciplinary, share insights, idea generation


José de la O (MX), designer and founder of de la O design studio and research partner for What Design Can Do Mexico

Adriana Gutierrez (MX), design researcher at de la O design studio


Joe Iles (UK) – Circular Design Programma Lead at Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Break-out room A


Interactive workshop


In-person only


Spanish and English