More and more designers and creatives are using their work to tackle urgent societal and environmental issues. But do they actually measure the impact that they are making? And if so, how?

Lately, ‘impact’ has become such a buzzword that it’s easy to lose sight of what it actually means. For some, impact means audience reach and engagement, for others creating awareness, enticing debate or changing mindsets. From a socio-economic perspective, impact is mostly measured in terms of jobs created, products or services sold, scale and revenue growth.

Where companies, governments and NGOs increasingly use data and elaborate frameworks to measure, assess and report their impact on people and the environment, a science-based approach is new (and sometimes even controversial) in the creative sector. If we believe that imagination and design are indispensable in these times of great transitions, we need to have a conversation about accountability. How do we move from promise to proof, from output to outcomes, from intention to impact?

In this session, we bring together researchers, designers, storytellers, entrepreneurs and leaders from the creative sector to talk about their definition of  social impact. And how they track, boost, or even rethink, the impact of their work. Could we — and should we — work towards a standard for the creative sector?


Saskia van Stein – Director of International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

speakers attending 

Akwasi – Rapper & Founder of OMROEP ZWART

Derk Loorbach – Director of DRIFT

Tina Farifteh – Impact Strategist for Shadow Game 

Orla Hennessy – Impact Manager for What Design Can Do


Plein Foyer (Internationaal Theater Amsterdam)


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