Akwasi is a storyteller, creative visionary, poet, rapper, musician. He chooses words to inspire, fascinate and stimulate the hues of our contemporary thinking – to lead a new generation of thinkers, towards an understanding of how freedom of speech combined with creative talent, can move the masses.

The wordsmith is a household name in The Netherlands and a prominent figure in the media and music industry, Akwasi’s career has led to working with national media outputs, as an actor, screenwriter, TV presenter and host for radio programmes, as well as a strong offline presence in communities across The Netherlands.

Now, as the founder and creative director of Omroep ZWART, the first intrinsic inclusive broadcaster in the world, the tone is set for representation in various perspectives to colour the world like it deserves to be seen

Catch Akwasi at the Impact of Creativity session – see full programme.