Setareh Noorani is an architect, researcher, zinester and member of the experimental music collective Zenevloed. She uses various media in her projects and artistic contributions to explore ways of publicising and embodying, questioning processes of trauma and time; always moving in the grey space between academic research and art. This is expressed in the researching, disrupting and exposing of archives through spatial research and (self-)publishing – for example in her current residency DSGN-IN at The Black Archives – and spatial and architectural designs – for Metro54 and Amsterdam Museum among others.

Her current research at Rotterdam-based Het Nieuwe Instituut, which is the Netherlands’ national museum for Architecture, Design and Digital Culture, focuses on the qualitative, paradigm-shifting notions of decoloniality, feminisms, queer ecologies, non-institutional representations, and the implications of the collective, more-than-human body in architecture, its heritage and ambiguous future scenarios. For this work, Setareh was awarded the Museumtalentprijs 2021.

Catch Setareh at the Decolonising Design session – see full programme.