How can you translate the process of decolonising design into your own design practice? Up until now, those already discussing and using the language of decolonising in a design context largely sit in academia and art. If you are a designer working in a more commercial setting, the debate on decolonising design might seem very far removed from your daily routine. Nothing could be less true though! To date, the mainstream design discourse has been dominated by Anglocentric and Eurocentric ways of seeing, knowing, and acting in the world – influencing the way we design our products, spaces, and systems. What happened to designing for all?

In this intimate session, participants will deconstruct these ways of thinking together with designers from various creative disciplines, work with reflective questions to help recognise colonial ways of thinking, and apply the perspective of decoloniality to design to provide ways to rethink how we shape and give meaning to the world.


Süheyla Yalçin – Digital Artist, Founder of Nedertürk & Artistic Director of MAMA Rotterdam

speakers attending 

Lelani Lewis – Food Stylist, Chef & Culinary Artist 

Setareh Noorani – Architect & (Visual) Researcher

Cengiz Mengüç – Graphic Designer & Visual Artist 

Gyor Moore – Design Activist


Marnix Bordes (Internationaal Theater Amsterdam)


To attend this session, ticket holders will be invited to register for a session via email within two working days of receiving their ticket. Remember: seats are on a first-come first-serve basis, so be sure to act quick!


This session is now fully booked, and registration is no longer possible.