Cengiz Mengüç is a graphic designer and visual artist living and working in Rotterdam. His current practice moves between commissioned art and design work, self initiated projects, side jobs, and working with friends. Cengiz is mixing (un)professional research praxis with design, programme-making, organising and self-publishing.

In his work and projects, Cengiz explores different working methods and approaches to design and cultural production infused by everyday life. His design and advertising work within Turkish-Dutch communities – which started while working at his dad’s döner kebab shop and helping him with branding – developed into an ongoing research into different migrant design cultures that are presented in the streets of Rotterdam as well as other cities in Europe.

By both observing and designing, Cengiz is trying to understand how diasporic design languages are constructed and expressed in our everyday visual culture and architecture.

Catch Cengiz at the Decolonising Design session – see full programme.