Bappie Kortram is a visual designer for Amsterdam-based digital agency Trive Technology, and happens to be a trans man. Next to making kickass visuals, he is also half of the brains behind Kutmannen, an online platform to discuss everything related to being trans, transitioning, and gender, where Bappie and co-host Jason don’t shy away from any question.

If Bappie isn’t hopping from panel-to-panel to talk about several trans issues, he is applying his personal narratives to design and working on the binary issues with users interacting with the web and apps, making them a.o. more trans-inclusive. Do we really need to add all 69 genders to a website? Do we even need to collect gender data? And what about all the pronouns? Or does pink work for a non-binary person? Wait – why are we even gendering this website?

Catch Bappie at the Gender, Design & Power session – see full programme.