Creative leaders pivot and adjust, discover new approaches and create clarity of purpose. The ability to realise innovative solutions comes from creativity, a key quality necessary to lead in an entrepreneurial setting. New Creative Leadership is one of six themes at this year’s WDCD Mexico City on 6, 7 & 8 May.

According to a 2012 IBM study with 1500 CEOs, creativity is seen as the most important leadership quality. Leaders are faced with the challenge not to manage, but to thrive and benefit from unpredictability. This article highlights some of the creative leaders coming to share their inspiring vision at the WDCD Mexico City festival. They will share their learnings on how a leadership role is rooted in the future of societal and environmental design solutions.

Design as a Mirror
‘In many ways design is a way to explore the world around us. If you explore an object, or a building or a garment carefully enough, it tells you a lot about the people who made it, what it means to them and what they will do with it.’ says Deyan Sudjic, director of London’s Design Museum, in a talk with Element Talks.

Having written on the topics of architecture and design for The Observer, the Guardian and the London Review of Books, Sudjic is a thought leader in analysing design, able to grasp where society is now and where it’s potentially going.

   London’s Design Museum

Have a Bold Dream
Influential design critic Alice Rawsthorn has written for International New York Times, Frieze and The Financial Times. She has the ability to illuminate how design is woven into every aspect of our everyday lives and communities.

‘Design is an elusive and slippery phenomenon which has meant many different things at different times. But all truly inspiring design projects have one thing in common: They began with a dream. The bolder the dream, the greater the design feat.’ Says Rawsthorn in her TED talk.

  Alice Rawsthorn (Photo by Michael Leckie)

The Principles of Democratic Design
Marcus Engman, Founder of Skewed Production and former Head of Design at Ikea, will be giving a breakout session on The Principles of Democratic Design. This masterclass will illustrate how to use this in relation to sustainability goals.

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