‘Something in design has gone wrong, when objects don’t mature in a way that makes them more desirable.’ A clear-cut comment on today’s consumer culture from the director of London’s Design Museum: Deyan Sudjic.

Sudjic, who is trained as an architect, leads the museum since 2006 and has built up an extensive career in different fields. Sudjic wrote on architecture and design for The Observer, the Guardian and the London Review of Books and was editor in chief for Domus and published monographs on architects like Norman Foster, and designers Ron Arad and Ettore Sottsass. In 2012, Sudjic was awarded an honorary degree from the University for the Creative Arts and mastered the ability to translate complex subjects into graspable and even humorous text, as proven in his 2005 book on architecture and power: The Edifice Complex: How the Rich and Powerful – and Their ArchitectsShape the World. Sudjic advocates a critical approach towards the adoration of the creative industry, where culture and economy are more and more intertwined, for in the end: ‘the way we design our society reflects the means and values we have built upon.’