‘I’m a really curious person, so I want to bring that curiosity to the company too,’ IKEA’s former Head of Design Marcus Engman told Dezeen in 2015. ‘Curious people are interesting people, because they’re interested in you – they’re not just interested in talking about themselves. So what about the curious company that is interested in people?’

Marcus Engman is founder of Skewed Productions. A creative collective, exploring and exploiting the possibillities of design driven by curiosity paired up with fearless, open and collaborative communication – we share what we do and we do what we share. He believes what is needed is to develop design and communication as one. And that the only way to do that is to start out right – with a big idea, working together, across disciplines, beyond personal gains or spreadsheet thinking.

IKEA’s former Head of Design, Marcus Engman, began working weekends and summer holidays at IKEA as early as high school, climbing the company ladder holding positions such as Communications and Interior Design Manager, Range Strategist and Marketing Manager. Engman said he wanted ‘to bring surprise back to IKEA’. A reflection of this aim was the collection made entirely by African designers in partnership with Design Indaba.