What will the near future look like if refugees keep flocking Europe while the receiving countries persist in their state of denial? Platform-Scenography and What Design Can Do will discuss the practical consequences of an inconsistent illegal immigrant policy in the program State of Shelter, tomorrow evening, Tuesday 20 January in Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam.

State of Shelter will explore the ‘scenography’ of the growing world of refugees and asylum seekers. Expect presentations by dramaturge Sigrid Merx & scenographer Anne Karin ten Bosch, graphic designer Herman van Bostelen, spatial designer Naomi Bueno de Mesquita, artist Jan Rothuizen, journalist Martijn van Tol, writer Simone van Saarloos and product designer Willem van der Sluis.

The evening will present the outcome of two workshops that were held last Friday. In the first, called WorkTank, Platform-Scenography organised a public brainstorm and workshop to develop future scenarios for shelter. In the second, entitled Collective Mapping, designer Naomi Bueno de Mesquita coupled designers to immigrants without a legal status. Equiped with smart phones and GPS they walked the city to capture their practices and places of shelter.

WDCD-director Richard van der Laken and creative entrepreneur Dagan Cohen will comment on the different presentations.

State of Shelter is part of a series of debates and performances presented by Frascati Theatre under the title Frascati Issues: Out of State focussed on the situation of refugees without a formal status.

State of Shelter
Tuesday 20, 19:30 h.
Tickets € 5,00
Language: Dutch

Frascati Theater
Nes 63

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