In just a few weeks, the doors will open on the long-awaited tenth edition of WDCD Live in Amsterdam. The one-day festival will see hundreds of creative thinkers, makers and doers come together to explore how design can help us reshape every part of our lives, including the way we do business. During the interactive part of this year’s programme, start-ups will have the opportunity to share their ideas, connect with potential investors, and learn from experts in sustainable and circular design. Want a piece of the action? Keep reading for a closer look at the workshops and exhibitions you won’t want to miss on 3 June 2022.

Pitch Podium

A launchpad for circular design pioneers

What it’s all about: During this breakout session, WDCD will open the floor to some of the most forward-thinking startups in the Netherlands working to future-proof our products, materials and services. In a series of three-minute pitches, they will present their groundbreaking innovations to a live audience and a panel of industry leaders, including renowned designers Eddie Opara and Ineke Hans, CEO of Circle Economy Martijn Lopes Cardozo, and Merijn ten Thije from Doen Participaties. 

What’s in it for you: After the showcase, participants will get the chance to meet, mingle and talk shop with the pioneers. Among them are the bioengineers behind Outlander Materials, who are developing plastic alternatives out of beer waste, and the disruptive designers behind Human Material Loop, who are turning human hair into sustainable textiles.  > read more


How can we measure the impact of creativity for positive change?

What it’s all about: Lately, ‘impact’ has become such a buzzword that it’s easy to lose sight of what it actually means. Though more and more creatives are engaging with societal and environmental issues in their work, there are hardly any standards to measure the real-world effects of their interventions. What kind of frameworks could help creatives to maximise their contribution to people and planet, while also ensuring minimal harm? How do we move from promise to proof, from output to outcomes, from intention to impact?

What’s in it for you: In this session, designers, researchers and leaders from the creative sector will share insights and best practices on how to track, boost—or even rethink—your organisation’s bottom line. A must-attend for anyone looking to build a purpose-driven and resilient enterprise.  > read more

Circular Design Jam

A co-creative workshop reimagining our products and services

What it’s all about: How can we make a circular future not just accessible—but attractive—to people from all walks of life? This October, WDCD is launching the Circular Design Challenge: a global design competition in search of creative responses to this question. During the Circular Design Jam, we invite young designers and innovators to take a first stab at the brief, and explore ways to redesign our products, services and systems so that they are fair and circular. 

What’s in it for you: If you like to learn by doing, this hands-on workshop is for you. Participants can expect to work together in groups, alongside researchers and domain experts to generate radical solutions for a regenerative world. The perfect place to stretch your legs and flex your creative muscles!  > read more

No Waste Challenge Exhibition

Sixteen strategies to take less, make better and handle smarter

What it’s all about: Besides the selection of breakout sessions, festival ticket-holders will also gain access to a special exhibition featuring the winning projects of the global No Waste Challenge. This design competition was launched by WDCD in collaboration with the IKEA Foundation in search of imaginative solutions to reduce waste and its impact on climate change. In this interactive installation, we present sixteen of the most exciting ideas from the total 1409 submissions.

What’s in it for you: Catch a glimpse of the future and learn about emerging innovators around the world who are already making it happen. From carbon-negative tiles to the world’s first living coffin, their projects suggest inventive ways for us to reconcile what we want with what the planet needs. > read more

Want to see what else is in the programme for WDCD Live Amsterdam 2022? Click here to learn more about the festival and visit our ticket shop.