How can we make a circular future not just accessible—but attractive—to people from all walks of life? This October, WDCD is launching the Circular Design Challenge: a global design competition in search of creative responses to this very question. During the Circular Design Jam, we invite young designers and innovators to take a first stab at the brief, and explore ways to reimagine our products, services and systems so that they are fair and circular. Participants can expect to work together in groups, alongside researchers and domain experts to generate potential solutions. The outcomes of this workshop will support the in-depth research being conducted for the Circular Design Challenge by WDCD partners STBY and Circle Economy.

led by

Dorota Gazy – Senior Design Researcher STBY


Dagan Cohen – Head of Research & Development, WDCD

Speakers attending

Anna Queralt – Ellen McArthur Foundation 


Studio 2 (Internationaal Theater Amsterdam)


To attend this session, ticket holders will be invited to register for a session via email within two working days of receiving their ticket. Remember: seats are on a first-come first-serve basis, so be sure to act quick!


This session is now fully booked, and registration is no longer possible.