You know things get weird when something like ‘How Much Toilet Paper?!’ (a calculator for how much toilet paper you need to survive the pandemic) gets coded. Toilet paper quickly became the world’s most prized bathroom supply, even before the lockdowns started. Two designers decided to turn the precious thin layered tissue paper goodness into a canvas. They launched GIVE-A-SHEET, raising $525 for the WHO’S COVID-Solidarity Response Fund on the first evening alone.

“After spending the first days of our quarantine playing all possible co-op games on Playstation or exploring all possible variations of home workouts, we just had the urge to help those who fight the pandemic on the frontline. We are not doctors, we are not nurses, we are not decision-makers… but we are designers, so we found a way to tap into what we do the best. And we hope it will help, even if just a little.” Guillaume Roukhomovsky and Blaz Verhnjak, an Amsterdam based creative duo who simply felt guilty not being able to help more, explain.

Snog Roll by Charlotte Burke, made on day #12 of quarantine in London, UK


They decided to launch GIVE-A-SHEET. A worldwide call for the creative community to unite its talents in the battle against COVID-19. Based on the idea that toilet paper has become the new safe haven currency, there’s no reason artists shouldn’t make it their new best canvas. Toilet paper becomes a piece of art that you can buy, adding more value to the already sparse good.


But the duo isn’t joking: “100% of the money collected will go towards funding the activities of the COVID-Solidarity Response Fund for WHO. But the initiative not only aims to raise funds to tackle the pandemic but also aims to inspire everyone out there to hold on and stay home, with a simple little piece of art (and humor).”

Join the initiative to buy a tiny piece of art or get in touch with Guillaume ( to submit your artwork.