Over the coming weeks, we’re taking a walk down memory lane to bring you a few curations of WDCD Live talks. To keep you occupied while staying indoors. But most of all, to offer inspiration on what designers can do in times and post corona. How can we reshape our lives on the other side?

We’ve had some very interesting people on stage during our previous event. And a lot of their work and ideas are even more relevant than ever before. Like Carlo Ratti, who’s now working on open-source design for emergency hospital. Or Michael Murphy who spoke about how a lack of design even could even make us sicker instead of healing us, testing this idea on a hospital in Rwanda.

First up, architecture

“Cities are epicenters of capital and creativity, designed to be occupied collectively. Pandemics are anti-urban, preying on our human desire for connection.” writes for The New York Times, wondering if city life will ever be the same. High-rise buildings in urban areas are designed to organize as many people as possible in small amounts of space. All of a sudden, it became painfully clear what this means for our health and wellbeing. What will our sardine-like city life and housing look like on the other side?

We took a browse in the WDCD archives and pulled together five of our favorite talks on architecture.

Michael Murphy on buildings that heal


Cameron Sinclair on resilience




Rahul Mehrotra on architecture in india’S URBAN AREAS



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