Patricia Espinosa, executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, aims to raise the voice of women proposing solutions to environmental problems. No better place for her to get this message across than WDCD Live São Paulo (22 & 23 November), where climate action and gender equality are the two main themes.

‘Climate change is a complex problem that requires innovative solutions through the creative efforts of many people with diverse profiles. This means ensuring that the voices of women from diverse backgrounds and areas stand out in national and international forums,’ Patricia Espinosa says in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

The statement illustrates that Espinosa will be in exactly the right place, when she will attend WDCD Live São Paulo three weeks from now. The former Mexican foreign minister and current executive secretary of the UN agency that oversees the execution of the Paris Agreement is one of the speakers at the conference. She is also a member of the international jury that will select the final winners of the WDCD Climate Action Challenge.

Gender equality

While the programme of the conference is mainly built around the climate action topic, there will also be attention for the topic of gender equality and gender based violence that we have been researching for some time now. We’ll have new activation sessions on this subject and eventually we will launch a challenge on this theme.

WDCD Live São Paulo is the perfect place for Espinosa to elaborate on what she said last week in El Pais: ‘Climate change affects the most vulnerable people, including women and children. That’s why the different perspectives provided by experts in climate, in gender or in both fields […] can contribute to increasing the effectiveness of policies and action.’

Exchange of ideas

This is exactly the objective of WDCD: bringing together many different perspectives on the issues at hand and through the exchange of ideas come up with new and innovative solutions for the biggest societal issues .

Get your tickets forWDCD Live São Paulo now and join the discussion.

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