Adebayo Oke-Lawal, the visionary behind Orange Culture, believes that fashion can and should save lives. Inspired by his upbringing, Adebayo uses fashion as his chosen platform to combat injustice and amplify suppressed expressions of Africanism.

He has turned his unique vision and passion into a transformative reality, launching the brand Orange Culture over a decade ago. Breaking free from societal stereotypes of masculinity, Orange Culture fearlessly explores unconventional fabrications and experiments with them across genders, championing the belief that clothing should be fluid and accessible to all. The brand has since grown into an emotional thread connecting socially aware stories and expressions through clothing.

For Adebayo, true sustainability lies in community development. He actively teaches, mentors, and creates spaces that foster growth within his community. By localizing manufacturing processes, Orange Culture generates employment opportunities and contributes to the betterment of its community. Adebayo sources ethically produced fabrics from local Nigerian artisans and prioritises the growth of his team through rigorous training processes and skill acquisition initiatives. His brand implements waste-minimizing manufacturing procedures and revamp programs, giving customers the option to have their garments updated in style.

Notably, Adebayo Oke-Lawal’s commitment extends beyond fashion. His project Painting your Dreams inspires young people to believe in themselves through art, and Orange Mentorship provides aspiring designers within the continent and beyond with invaluable knowledge exchange sessions facilitated by industry practitioners.