An evening filled with inspiring keynote speakers and exemplary designers from all around the world, sharing their activating stories. Showcasing how design can look good at the same time as providing global solutions.


To provide food for thought, we have a line-up of compelling speakers. Here are some examples of who will be bringing inspiration to the table.


Elena Reygadas will talk about the old design of Chinampas and working with products from this place.

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Cameron Sinclair will give his take on social and humanitarian design.

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Nadya Tolokonnikova, as a member of Pussy Riot, will share her story and vision on designing activism.

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Carla Fernandez will be showcasing her demi-couture Mexican fashion label and discussing cultural identity.

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Other speakers at the grand opening night | May 6

Marcelo Ebrard | Minister of foreign affairs of Mexico

Marcelo Luis Ebrard Casaubón is currently working as Minister of Foreign Affairs in Mexico. In 2010…

Richard van der Laken | Founder What Design Can Do

  Richard van der Laken is the energetic engine behind both What Design Can Do and…

Alice Rawsthorn | Design Critic

‘Design has acquired so many different meanings at different times and in different contexts, often mutually…

Steye Hallema | Creative Director Wildvreemd

Steye Hallema is director, composer and inventor. With a background in computer animation, music, theatre and tech,…

Mr. Brainwash | Artist

For more than a decade Thierry Guetta, under his moniker, Mr. Brainwash, has been pushing the…

About The Themes

The WDCD Mexico City themes are current trends which show promise in enabling design to make change in the world. These topics link the speakers and promote discussion on how design can form a solution.

The themes are: The Resilient City, Designing Activism, New Creative Leadership, Creating Cultural Identity, Humanising Immigrants and Food Will Pacify Us.


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About The Evening

There will be two hosts and a band to lead the crowd down a 90 minute journey, welcoming the speakers one by one. The stage will become a place of visionary ideas, moving stories, remarkable design as well as entertainment. The Opening Night will be held at the beautiful location of The Palacio de Bellas Artes. This prominent cultural centre of Mexico City is the perfect place to dive into the potential design has to transform society.

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