‘I love eating. For me there is no such thing as guilty pleasure. I’d only feel guilty if I was harming the planet. We have to look after our planet and value our food, and through this comes pleasure,’ says Mexican top-chef Elena Reygadas. Her restaurant Rosetta in Mexico-City, which she founded in 2010, is on the list of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants.   

Elena Reygadas studied English literature at Mexico’s National Autonomous University, later relocating to Manhattan to attend the French Culinary Institute. She subsequently worked for Chef Giorgio Locatelli in London before founding Rosetta. In the beautiful setting of a grand Colonia Roma townhouse, she offers a blend of Italian and authentic Mexican dishes. In it, she uses what is locally available according to the seasons. She likes to experiment with unexpected combinations. ‘I love the idea of breaking the rules,’ she says.

In 2014 Reygadas was awarded the Veuve Clicquot Prize for Latin America’s Best Woman Chef. On the occasion of the reception of this award, Reygadas shared her vision on the development of the Mexican kitchen: ‘I would love to tell the world that Mexican food is not just about traditional and regional food, it’s much more. It’s now full of freedom and expression. Many of us from this generation have left Mexico and then returned home, and after that you see your own country in another way. It’s like a new expression, a new generation. It’s a new moment for cooking.’

elena Reygadas will speak on the main stage May 25