Water is life

With its famous canals, docks and rivers – water in Amsterdam is undoubtedly an integral feature in the city. However, climate change is threatening Amsterdam’s waters: we need to expand our knowledge to conserve its future. Although efforts to improve water quality and biodiversity have been developing, these are being quickly derailed by drought and extreme heat. This lab, in partnership with Waternet, will work together to map all the problems that have an effect on water in the city, its biodiversity, and the leisure activities we enjoy. We need to be aware of the important relationship between our actions and the water we share with our environment, from flora to fauna.


A Radical Collaboration Lab is a hands on design research experience, focused on gaining a deep understanding of a problem and at the same time developing new perspectives on it. This lab will focus on new explorations, aiming to start an open and reflective discussion with everyone involved. The goal of this lab is to get a better understanding of the topic by collaboratively exploring desired design oriented futures together with problem owners, stakeholders and creatives.

Lab Partner


Waternet is a water company unique for its coverage of the entire water cycle for Amsterdam and surroundings. Next to proving a safe, clean and sufficient supply of water for human consumption and natural areas they are responsible for keeping dykes up to standard and keeping canals clean.

About the R&D Event

In a one-day, invitation-only event, 200+ selected interdisciplenary participants will work closely with our partners to develop new paths for future design interventions, that we can share across the world – challenging the pressing issues we face today.

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