The No Waste Lab brought together interdisciplinary experts and creatives to create a shared understanding of and new perspectives on the challenge of waste, in relation to Amsterdam. This lab builds on extended global research led by WDCD and STBY towards a new design challenge about waste and consumerism, which will be announced later this year!

A lot is already being done in the field of sustainable, circular design. In recent years many great design projects offering smart solutions for recycling materials have proven to be successful. We see more and more innovative circular economy initiatives being realized locally. However, forecasts of the growth of waste and population growth paint a worrisome picture. For the scale and urgency of the climate crisis, current efforts do not seem to be moving fast enough towards systemic change. 

During the No Waste Lab we unpacked the challenge of waste by identifying and reframing key issues. Some of the topics that were discussed were lack of responsibility and role models, and the lack of value for resources, products and waste. Further we discussed the urgent need and challenge to collaboratively imagine futures beyond the current production-consumption system, designed within planetary and human boundaries.

Get inspired by the key issues, new perspectives and design opportunities that were crafted during No Waste lab!



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In a one-day event, 200+ interdisciplinary participants worked closely with our partners to develop new paths for future design interventions, that we can share across the world – challenging the pressing issues we face today.

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