Waste and consumerism, a challenge

Waste and consumerism go hand in hand. With excess production and a society grown on throw away culture and fast fashion, it’s no wonder we’re facing an ecological crisis. In times of plastic soups and resource exhaustion we need to rethink waste, rethink our systems and our behaviour. During the No Waste Lab we investigated and reframed important themes, topics and actors related to waste in Amsterdam. We dived deeper into the issue of consum-erism in today’s society. When looking at consumption as a social phenomena  – and even a leisure activity – how can we prevent a future of overconsumption? This lab worked towards the next What Design Can Do challenge about waste and consumerism (spoiler!). Together, we’ve explore the topics of waste and consumerism, circular initiatives, and the possible role of design in accelerating this movement.


A Radical Collaboration Lab is a hands-on design research experience, focused on gaining a deep understanding of a problem and at the same time developing new perspectives on it. This lab focused mainly on mapping important stakeholders of this issue and showing the values they can deliver in relation to the challenge. The goal of the lab was to explore how to build stronger connections across different stakeholders such as citizens, companies and non-profits to enable addressing the problem in an effective way.


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In a one-day event, 200+ interdisciplinary participants worked closely with our partners to develop new paths for future design interventions, that we can share across the world – challenging the pressing issues we face today.

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