Zero Suicide LAB

For many, it’s not a subject we feel comfortable talking about, but as creatives it’s important to understand what role design can play to help reduce suicide and improve social awareness. Together with social workers, researchers and field experts, we hope to identify how design can help and reframe the development of preventative measures. With the invaluable knowledge of our partner 113 Zelfmoord-preventie, we aim to discuss primarily the disconnect between middle-aged men seeking help. Building upon research we will discuss how for example, genetics, changes in society and economy can affect our health. With this information, we’ll explore where and how design can make a difference setting a foundation to determine a future design challenge, in which design can support suicide prevention.


A Radical Collaboration Lab is a hands on design research experience, focused on gaining a deep understanding of a problem and at the same time developing new perspectives on it. This lab will focus on those new perspectives, which aims to exclusively rethink and reframe, offering new angles and methods to approach a problem. The lab is discussion and research oriented, with a future goal to establish new connections and the possibility of a design challenge.


Lab PARTner

About 113 Zelfmoordpreventie

113 Suicide Prevention is the national Dutch suicide prevention centre, supported mainly by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (Ministerie van VWS). It has been active as an independent care provider since September 2009 and employs psychologists, psychiatrists and a large group of fully trained volunteers that provide round-the-clock confidential support through chats and phone calls.

About the Radical collaboration Labs

In a one-day event, 200+ interdisciplinary participants worked closely with our partners to develop new paths for future design interventions, that we can share across the world – challenging the pressing issues we face today.

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