Two of our speakers didn’t want to wait till WDCD14 to team up. Out of personal admiration Paul Smith decided to exhibit prints from ShaoLan’s new Chineasy book at Paul Smith ‘Globe’ at Heathrow Airport.

Paul Smith discovered Chineasy while in China, where he opened a new flagship store in the Sanlitun area of Beijing and two more shops in Shanghai. “On seeing the book Paul personally was instantly gripped and immediately pursued the idea of working with the team behind the project”, it was said.

Now, on the occasion of the publication of the first Chineasy book, prints of the illustrated Chinese characters are shown in Paul Smith’s ‘Globe’ shop in the departure hall of Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5.

In the meantime Chineasy conquers the world. The launch of the book, last week, prompted major news organisations to run a story on the new Chinese learning method and its inventor ShaoLan Hsueh. The Wall Street Journal had a full-page story, Wired covered it as well and the iTunes gave the book a store front placement and selected Chineasy as one of eight Best Book of the Month.

We really can’t wait to have ShaoLan on stage at WDCD14.

And Paul Smith of course.

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