Deyan Sudjic, Marcelo Rosenbaum, Alex Atala, Stefan Sagmeister, Sissel Tolaas and Rohan Shivkumar are among the speakers at What Design Can Do Brazil on 7 & 8 December 2015 in São Paulo. Ticket sales for this first edition of WDCD outside the Netherlands start today.

It actually is going to happen: What Design Can Do spreads its wings and as a first will land in São Paulo, Brazil. The place is not chosen randomly. São Paulo has a thriving and extensive cultural scene. At the same time, the city, with 20 million inhabitants, faces enormous challenges following the rapid social, cultural and economic transition Brazil is experiencing. What better place to assemble the Brazilian and international creative industries to exchange stories about the changing forces of design?

International line-up

In the beautiful Teatro of the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) WDCD Brazil will host a number of WDCD alumni and some first time speakers as well. Among them Deyan Sudjic, the director of Design Museum London, renowned Brazilian interior and product designer Marcelo Rosenbaum, and his fellow-Brazilian top-chef Alex Atala.

Also present will be Austrian-American graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, Indian architect, urban designer and educator Rohan Shivkumar, British bio-designer and writer Daisy Ginsberg and Berlin-based Norwegian artist and olfactory expert Sissel Tolaas.

From the Netherlands American-born journalist and specialist on urban matters Tracy Metz and the data visualization virtuoso’s of design agency Catalogtree will take the stage.

Platform for exchange

‘Design can create a diverse and sustainable cultural panorama, and Brazil provides countless examples that can serve as inspiration for the rest of the world,’ WDCD’s director Richard van der Laken says. ‘São Paulo provides the perfect platform where the creative industry from Brazil and the rest of the world can learn from each other.’

The programme offers lots of opportunities for such exchange. Besides presentations on the main stage, there will be breakout sessions offering master classes, workshops and discussions. Additional events around São Paulo ensure that WDCD reaches not only conference attendees but also a wider Brazilian public.

Buy your tickets with early bird discount now here. Special rates apply for students.

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