On March 19, millions around the world will march (both virtually and physically) in support of the annual Global Climate Strike. This will be the 5th strike organized by the Fridays for Future movement, which was first set in motion by Greta Thunberg and other young activists when they sat in front of the Swedish parliament to protest against the lack of action on the climate crisis. 

Social media has always been an important tool for the movement, but especially so since the start of the pandemic. With public events prohibited in most places, many of us will have to direct our attention and support for the coming strike online. To help amplify these efforts, WePresent has recruited a handful of outstanding illustrators — Anisa Makhoul, Daniel Liévano, Stefan Marx, Karabo Poppy, Walid Bukhari and Yeji Jun — to design posters that everyone can use and share. “We asked artists from around the world to design a poster that shares the key message they’d like to communicate if they were able to march and protest,” the platform explains. “They’re yours to keep. Whether you want to proudly hang one in your window or post it on your social feed, download the one that speaks to you and join the fight.”

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Anisa Makhoul – @anisamakhoul

Daniel Liévano – @danieliev

Karabo Poppy – @karabo_poppy

Stefan Marx – @stefanmarx

Walid Bukhari – @wallywzrd

Yeji Yun – @seeouterspace