‘What worries me most about design training today is how much students are addicted to computers,’ says Javier Verdura, Tesla’s Director of Product Design, who is one of the speakers at WDCD Mexico City on 6, 7, 8 May. The remark may come as a surprise from the head designer of one of the technically most advanced companies in the world. But Verdura explains: ‘When designing by hand, you have a more defined and more intimate connection to your design, especially when it comes to making a prototype in 3D.’

Verdura, a Mexican born industrial designer, is in charge of designing any product, space or object that has the Tesla brand globally. Himself, he collaborated on Tesla’s Model S, the Superchargers, Solar Roof and Solar Wall.

‘Our goal is to promote sustainable mobility around the world,’ Verdura says. ‘To do that we started with a car. We all knew electric cars before Tesla as being something you compromised on, and when Tesla came along, we created a car that was the best looking car, the fastest car in the world, the most comfortable car; and by the way it’s a car that’s electric.’

    Tesla’s Model S

Verdura graduated from Art Center College of Design with a degree in Product Design in 1991. He worked for different design agencies and Product Ventures before joining Tesla. Here he heads the design studio of 130 people, which is considered the tip of the spear for Tesla, where all the innovative concepts are born. ‘Anything a client comes in contact with has to be designed as an amazing experience,’ Verdura says.

“It’s amazing how a person can have such firmness and vision about the future of the advanced world” – Javier Verdura on Elon Musk

Tesla’s founder and CEO Elon Musk is always highly involved in the development of Tesla’s new concepts and products, Verdura experienced. ‘It’s amazing how a person can have such firmness and vision about the future of the advanced world,’ he told Vaaju. ‘Elon has something to do with all the projects I’m involved with and always adds interesting and creative perceptions that elevate any project from very good to extraordinary.’

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