Taller Capital is a Mexican architecture studio founded by Loreta Castro Reguera and José Pablo Ambrosi. Their urban renewal project Guiding The Runoff (Parque Xicoténcatl) is 1 of 13 projects that won the What Design Can Do: Make it Circular Challenge.

Parque Xicoténcatl is an urban renewal project that transformed a once debris-filled ravine on the outskirts of Tijuana into a vibrant public space. The area was previously characterized by informal urbanization, where cardboard and cinder block structures dotted the steep slopes.

Originally intended to construct sidewalks and clean the ravine for water runoff, the project shifted its focus after recognising the community’s urgent need for public and recreational spaces. To build these spaces, the project team implemented an innovative construction system called llantimuro, or tire-wall, which involved repurposing the millions of used tires imported from the USA to Mexico each year. By incorporating these tires and on-site debris, the team constructed a series of earth and concrete platforms held together by tire-wall contention walls. These platforms now serve as public and recreational spaces.

Additionally, the project included a climate risk reduction strategy that involved constructing canals to guide rainwater runoff away from inhabited areas and towards lower lands, preserving the landscape’s integrity and preventing further environmental impact.