Edi Kistler (Liquits) is a multi-instrumentalist musician, founder of Matanga Records label, producer of bands such as Sotomayor, Músicos de José, Ángel Strife, Play and Móvil Project, Hamurabi, among others. His debut solo project features original songs that fuse the sound of West Africa in the sixties with electronic beats and synthesizers.

King Edi K’s live performances are mainly electronic afrobeat acts in the company of an arsenal of guest musicians that improvise and are reminiscent of the sound of Fela Kuti, Tony Allen, Jungle Fire, Antibalas or Budos Band. Their show unites the celebratory tradition of black music and the dance floor of electronic music. The band is composed of Victor Piter (drums); Aldo Max (tenor saxophone); Alan Varela (trumpet); Angel Jimenez (trombone); Rick Casanova (baritone saxophone); Francisco Jimenez (percussion); Dave O’Francis (guitar); Edi Kistler (bass, rhodes, synthesizers and programming).

King Edi K has released five singles digitally: “Pánico Cero”, “Liver Detox”, “Push Party”, “Shake & Bake” and “Glyoxal”, as well as a remix of the band from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Jupiter & Okwess, released on their EP, “México is my land.