While it is true that movements for gender equality have achieved great conquests in recent decades, there is still a lot of ground to cover in this field, there are still large gaps in inequality in terms of discrimination, sexual violence, equal pay, political exclusion and social injustice … The moral awakening of creative and innovative designers in equality promotion projects can have a great impact to correct destructive behaviors that separate us and weaken us as a species.


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Jimena Acosta is a curator of contemporary design and art. Working on the way design shapes…

Zoe Mendelson & María Conejo

Journalist and author Zoe Mendelson teamed up with visual artist María Conejo to create Pussypedia, a…


This is where the magic happens! After stepping off the main stage, most of our keynote speakers will be hosting interactive breakout sessions and intimate roundtable sessions, for you to translate learnings into action and cross-pollinate ideas.


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Visualising Gender Equality in Mexico

Data is often difficult to read and even more difficult to understand. With the approach designed by Giorgia Lupi, we will dive in the topic and data of gender equality.